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Boone Electric technicians strive to deliver the highest quality electrical services.

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Boone Electric is committed to leading the way in electrical innovation. Meet some of the team members helping us build a brighter, more empowering future.

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Nick Sherwood

Surecom Department Manager / Estimator

Derek Andrews

Service Manager

Jeremy Zinkgraf

Residential Project Manager Estimator/Service Manager

Miles Massong

Residential Project Manager Estimator

Emily Bingham

Residential Office Administrator

Dave Loar

Residential Department Manager Estimator/Service Manager

Kevin Branon

Residential Department Manager / Estimator

Mark Clark


Oscar Laurel

Office Administrator

Chaleena Rutledge

Office Administrator

David Justice

Linx Integrated Project Manager Estimator

Eric Ostlund

Linx Integrated Project Manager Estimator

Paul Powloski

Linx Integrated Department Manager / Estimator

Lynn Colby

Linx Integrated Department Manager / Estimator

Sheila Wilkinson

Linx Integrated & Surecom Office Administrator

Mike Allen

Industrial/ Service Department Manager / Estimator

Ron Jensen

Industrial and Commercial Service Manager/Estimator

Riley Peterson

Industrial Department Manager / Estimator

Amy Simondet

HR Manager

Martin Galloway


Jacquie Serdahl


Chris Bender

Commercial Superintendent

Brad VanSlyke

Commercial Project Manager Estimator / Vice President

Matt Powloski

Commercial Project Manager Estimator

Mark Hrytzik

Commercial Project Manager Estimator

Jake Adler

Commercial Project Manager Estimator

Allison Simmons

Commercial Office Administrator

Jeff Platt

Commercial Department Manager Estimator / Vice President

Dennis McClellan

Commercial Department Manager / Estimator

Jerry Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Mari McPherson

Chief Business Officer

Mike Boone

Boone Electric Founder (Retired)
Send us a message
We cannot wait to hear from you!
Smiling engineer
Hey! This is Boone Electric, drop us a message below and we will get back to you asap.
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Company Culture

Culture of

Boone Electric empowers a brighter future by providing our electricians and the communities we serve with the tools they need to succeed. We’re also committed to adopting new technology to improve power distribution and conservation.


Commitment to

Boone Electric was established in 1981 as a two-person operation focused on residential electrical systems and services. We’ve grown into a full-service electrical contractor skilled in designing, installing, and maintaining systems.

With locations in Puyallup and Spokane, Boone Electric continues to expand service offerings across the commercial, residential, and industrial automation sectors. But our mission remains the same: to deliver high-quality craftsmanship and do right by our clients. Let our wealth of experience bring your project to life.

Boone's history at a glance


Founding and Early Years

Founded in 1981 by Mike Boone with $50 and an 02/admin license, Boone Electric began as a one-person residential electrical contracting business. Despite early challenges, including payment delays, the company grew in the Puget Sound, emphasizing fair treatment and quality work.


Hustle and Quality

Mike Boone fostered a culture of high-quality work and efficiency at Boone Electric, emphasizing a strong work ethic and top-notch workmanship to thrive in the competitive residential electrical market.


Growth and Diversification

Boone Electric evolved from a small home-based business to a thriving enterprise, expanding its services to include commercial, industrial, low voltage, and telecom. Partnerships with Linx Integrated, Pacific Integrated Handling, and Surecom helped diversify its offerings and enter new markets.


Team Spirit and Celebrations

Mike Boone and the team at Boone Electric bonded over a love for the outdoors, often celebrating with outdoor activities and annual fishing trips. The company's Spokane Christmas parties and good-natured pranks highlighted the strong camaraderie among its employees.


A Journey of Relationships and Success

Boone Electric's journey is marked by strong relationships, quality work, and education. Starting residential, it evolved into a full-service contractor. Today, Boone Electric embodies partnership, education, and unwavering quality commitment.


Expanding into Spokane

Boone Electric opened a Spokane location in 2001, focusing on residential and commercial projects, and extended into Northern Idaho, supporting education at North Idaho College Workforce Training Center.


A New Era and Growing Partnerships

In 2005, Interlock Performance Group acquired Boone Electric, leading to Mike Boone's retirement and the company's continued success. Strong relationships with partners like Zetterburg Construction and various builders fueled growth in both the residential and commercial sectors.


Memorable Projects and Challenges

Boone Electric took on significant projects, like the Michael's distribution warehouse in Centralia, which was its largest conveyor project to date. The housing crisis of 2008-2009 posed challenges, leading to a shift from six residential crews to just one. However, the company's resilience and commitment to its partners and employees ensured it bounced back and rebuilt.


Training the future

Boone Electric prioritized team growth and education, hiring and training employees with a focus on ongoing learning. The Performance Electrical Apprenticeship Committee (PEAC) was formed to continue Mike Boone's commitment to excellence in education and professional development.


Building a Lasting Legacy

Boone Electric, with a rich four-decade history, remains dedicated to the electrical trade's growth and excellence. Recent growth and expansion, along with a strong team boasting employees with over a decade of service, solidify its position as a trusted partner in electrical and low voltage sectors.

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Boone Electric provides electrical services across Washington and Northern Idaho.


11409 58th Ave East
​Puyallup, WA 98373


11502 E Montgomery Dr, Suite A
Spokane, WA 99206

Capabilities & Accreditations

Empowered Innovation

Boone Electric is a leader in electrical innovation and has the credentials to back it up.

Affiliations and Vendors

Industry Partners

  • Stoneway Electric Supply
  • CED (Consolidated Electric Supply)
  • Platt Electric Supply
  • Tacoma Electric Supply
  • Skyline Communications
  • DMP
  • McNaughton Mckay
  • Motors & Controls
  • Graybar
  • Grainger
  • PSI Controls
  • Spokane Lighting And Design
  • North Coast Lighting
  • North Coast Electric
  • Halo Lighting
  • Juno Lighting
  • Leviton
  • Patterson Fan Co.
  • Tacoma Screw Products
  • Stoneway
  • Uline

with Boone

Boone Electric established the Performance Electrical Apprenticeship Committee (PEAC) in 2021 as a Registered Apprenticeship program. This program is dedicated to training the next generation of industrial and commercial electricians in Washington state.


We encourage our journey level electricians to stay up to date on current code by offering online CEU training courses. Boone also provides classroom training with PEAC instructors to trainees working in the residential and low voltage divisions.

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